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Johor Bahru Legal Services

Messrs. S. K. Song practises and offers its services in the general areas of the law. As our firm is both conveyancing and litigation based, we render our professional services to clients from all walks of life including criminal law cases and family law services.   

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Contractual Services

It is our firm’s intention to venture further and offer our expertise in the areas of corporate law, corporate litigation, international trade & finance and information technology (IT) based work.


Civil Cases

We have a well-stocked law library and have subscribed to Current Law Journal and The Weekly Law Report on Malaysian Cases. We have the complete set of Golden Statutes and Halsbury Law Report.


Constant Innovation

We are in the midst of further upgrading our back-up staff and chambers to be both IT based and IT friendly enhancing our competitiveness.


Legal Services We Provide

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Constitutional, Public & Administrative La

Our Mr. Song and Mr. Puah who was/is a State Assemblyman combine a strong record of advising on administrative/public law matters with an understanding of Malaysian policy requirements in the various sectors and industries and a depth of litigation experience in appearing at all levels of the Malaysian Courts.


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Corporate & Commercial Dispute

Messrs S.K. Song represents both individuals and corporations in commercial disputes and frequently receives referrals from other lawyers on matters such as these. We are prepared to assist you in a wide variety of business dispute matters.

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Family Law

Messrs S. K. Song’s family lawyers are committed to providing legal advice that is geared towards practical outcome whilst retaining personal sensitivity towards delicate circumstances. Our lawyers attribute primacy to resolving disputes by mediation without having to litigate.


Employment Law

Messrs S. K. Song’s employment practice group provides exclusive and client focused legal services. We are a niche team with extensive experiences in the Employment and Industrial Relations field as well. Our trademark is etched on the quality of work we deliver. We offer our clients practical, result-oriented and customized legal solutions.

About Us

Supportive, Innovative and Realizable. Let’s work hand in hand for a brighter and magnificent future!
We are ambitious to navigate our clients towards success for sure a place in the competitive world.
About Us
Messrs S.K. Song was established and founded by Mr. Song Sing Kwee since the year of 1980 and presently Mr. Jimmy Puah Wee Tse is his partner, together with the assistance of Mr. Chia Kwok Wei, Mr. Goh Tiong Sin and Mr. Yee Chew Wei.
Customer Care
We strive in delivering professional, the most reasonable and affordable legal services in Johor Bahru.

Lawyers in Johor Bahru

Lawyer Song Sing Kwee

Mr Song Sing Kwee

His area of practice includes Banking and Financial Industry Law, Corporate & Commercial Law, and he is well exposed in criminal laws and our penal code.

Mr. Goh Ting Sin

He has acted for clients across a diversified range of industries and has advised clients on issues in relation to debt recovery, property law, matrimonial and divorce proceedings, probate and administration
of property

Mr. Chia Kwok Wei

Served his pupil age under the guidance of Mr. Song Sing Kwee of Messrs S. K.SONG. Upon being called to the Bar on 30th April 2010, Mr. Chia was retained and started his legal practice with Messrs. S. K. Song.


Ms. Eng Joo Kei

Ms. Eng immediately started her legal career with Messrs S.K. Song. Ms. Eng primary areas of practice include general litigation matter and matrimonial dispute

Mr. Lim Kim Siong

His portfolio encompasses both litigation and conveyancing,particularly in areas of probate and administration matters, family matters, debt recovery, real estate transaction and agreements.


Mr. Pang Yong Tong

He was read in the Chamber at Messrs Tan Hee Soon, Wong & Partners and Messrs S.K. SONG. Pang started his practice with Messrs S.K. SONG where he is primary involved in Civil and Commercial Litigation with emphasis on Probate & Administration, Family Law and General Debt Colection.

Mr. Muhammad Valantino

Mr. Valan completed his Bachelor of Law (Hons) in University of Malaya in the year of 2015. He’s subsequently read in the Chamber at Messrs Abdul Rahman & Partners, Batu Pahat and was called to the bar in 2016.

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